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Enter Your Coinpot Bitcoin Core Mining Referral Number
 Example: 7D41B81707B8 

1. Log into your Coinpot Account. Don't have one? Get One!
2. From your Bitcoin Core Dashboard, select "Mine bitcoin core..."
3. Click "Earn More..."
4. Copy the 12 digit number at the end of the URL shown, and enter it above.

Enter Any Referral Link

Enter any of your referral links to generate a URL that includes your Coinpot Mining Widget. Then use that URL wherever you would usually advertise your referral link.

Why just get referrals when you can also have users mine Bitcoin for you? Fill out the form above and generate links that display your referral site as well as your mining widget. This will mine Bitcoin to your Coinpot account while users are viewing your links.

No Limit! Generate and use as many links as you want! Have fun advertising your referral links and mining Bitcoin at the same time.

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